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Hello globetrotters I’m Chandani Agarwal living my wanderlust dream since the age of 20! Living a life full of travel dreams and inspiring people through my blog, I work as a travel consultant and also with corporates to source my travel experiences. Are you seeking at travelling new paths 365 days? Then join me on my journey here!

My Expedition

Growing up in a conventional background in Mumbai traveling was divulged to me just how it is for any other tourist. In 2004 when I made my first travel to East Asia little did I know that my wanderlust soul had its own plans then. In 2010 I went to Birmingham, UK for my master and that one-year changed everything. Having lived on my own travelled and wandered to places and countries by myself I knew I was made for far more curious things than routine. I still remember the day when on a cold snowy evening while all my friends were celebrating thanks giving visiting their own countries I was sitting and surfing the interactive world map for hours. Making messy notes of places that caught my curio-mind; some that I have never heard of was something that made me be at it for hours. Planning journey and destinations interested me to such a level that by midnight I had a whole long list of 75 odd countries, that I definitely wanted to visit in this lifetime. And that’s where it all began. Since then each and every travel I made to Europe or Asia or any other continent was pinned down from start to scratch by me.

It became impossible to stay in a place for more than 6 month without having to see a new mountain, a new sunrise or a sunset. In this one year I saw, experienced and lived life more than I ever had before on my terms and my expenses.

After graduating and coming back to Mumbai I landed a job with a Social Media company where I was introduced to the digital world of travels. The 3 years I spent working in the corporate world made me realize how inclined I was about my dreams that started back in 2010. Yes even while I worked for 3 years, having saved up for 5 months working, my bosses and colleagues would always be prepared that they wouldn’t be seeing me for the next month. That’s how I survived my 3 years in corporate. 5 months work, saving up, next month of travels.

I thought this was easy life but it was impossible to tame my restless curious soul, so I took a month sabbatical and went backpacking to Europe and after this trip nothing was ever the same. I came back and quit my job and decided to experience the travel world around me on my own terms and since then there’s no looking back.

My Travel lifestyle

For me everything comes from my highs of seeing new places, living and waking up to new sunrises. Traveling not like a tourist, but like a wanderer is what makes my travels different, while others seek security and confidence booking their trips with a tour, I prefer crafting my own travels. Even as early as 2004 when we were not so exposed to experiential travel in the digital world, I remember searching and making my own itinerary through various travel portals. I love rummaging for places, that not many have heard about or experienced yet. Traveling to 4-5 countries at one go is not my kind of travel. I like to feel and live the air and life of one country at a time. I have always grabbed every opportunity to travel. However, seldom I visit a place I am happy to skip the most touristy places and destinations, and even If I happen to land up there I try and experience non- conventional things to make it worthwhile.

I believe the places and the way you travel make up for the person you are, and today thanks to the expeditions I have made so far I can feel and live the diversity of each place  in one lifetime. On my trips you would catch me traveling like a local, making friends, meeting new people, taking up public transport and indulging in local cuisines.

Once on a trip to Germany, discussing my travel itinerary for the next 1 week with a local there I received the biggest compliment ever. “He said I knew his country and places to see much more than he knew living in there”

My Wanderlust soul Now


For 3 years in the corporate world and freelancing for years everyone around me thought taking up this path towards travelling after settling down with life would not be much possible. I feel that’s what motivated me to pick up things where I left. Searching and planning new destinations is my quest now. I’ve travelled in parts of Southeast Asia, Central and North America, Middle East and extensively in Europe. I spend most of my time researching new destinations and abodes and spend rest visiting them. I am planning many more journeys and places which are yet unacquainted and untraveled. Know more about them through my travels!

Countries Visited:

Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, China, United Arab Emirates, Spain, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Germany, Switzerland, Egypt, Jordan, United States of America, Us Virgin Island, Mexico

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