Ahoj Praha! Things you definitely would be doing in this city!

Praha, a city that doesn’t require a map or a brochure to sell itself! That’s what I felt when I started looking up for places to tour this golden city. Thanks to the beautiful spectacles and all of the beautiful towers, spires, and churches this city stands true to the name ‘The Golden City’. My trip to this capital city was out of my curio childhood wish of visiting Czechoslovakia, however now known as the Czech Republic. And with the list of things this city had to offer, how could I not make a stop here.

 Some things you would definitely do!

Making my way to Prague Castle on arrival is how I started my trip in this city. Located in Hradcany (the Castle district), Prague Castle is without a doubt the city’s most popular visitor charm and it is easy to see why.

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The Offbeat things you must try while in Prague!

After having witness the customary sights of Prague city, my heart knew there was a lot more to this European capital. And yes I did find some hidden gems nestled in the heart of Praha!

Some offbeat things you must definitely do!

Everyone who has been to Germany has captured the colorful Berlin wall in a snapshot, scribbled some graffiti there too. How about for those who haven’t yet been there? Yes Prague too has a wall of it own! Especially if you are a fan of Beatles, negotiating your way towards the John Lennon dedicated wall is worth all the time.

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