Milos: A living proof you can never have enough of beach!

After visiting the Heavenly Island of Santorini in Greece, making a choice about the next halt on the Aegean islands was rather arduous. With the Aegean Sea offering as many as 6000 different islands Milos isn’t an island that would spring to anyone’s mind when you think of Greece, unless you’re like me. In a way I was much happy to unearth an isle that was far less crowded than Santorini. Then, I read somewhere that Milos is often likened to what Santorini was twenty years ago; all the beauty, but a segment of the crowds. But something tells me this might change in the next few years.

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When it was all about falling in love the Parisian way!

Paris! The city of love! The city I have always been waiting to visit with the love of my life. A city, which has always been so dreamy. A place, that has been on my list since years but made way to it only in 2017. Yes like I said the city of love… this post is dedicated to the person behind my dreams, who has made it this far with me. My very first special dedication to him for making me live this experience the Parisian way!

Falling in love with him in Paris!
Falling in love with him the Parisian Way!

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Athens: Where time travel gets real!

After an overwhelmingly gorgeous week in the Greek Cyclades, it was time to immerse myself into the true historic island of Greece before leaving the country. Starting from the city of Athens, it was time to see Greece in a totally new light. I had 3 full days to explore the city however on the very first day I realized I could see all the highlights in one day if planned well in advance. Continue reading “Athens: Where time travel gets real!”

Where the doors to Heaven open: Santorini

Imagine a sight where doors open straight to views like paradise! What is the first visual that comes to your mind? Whitewashed doors, postcard picture settings with doors opening to nothing but infinity? Yes that’s exactly what I experienced and lived in Santorini. And I guess I made it so far only because of one oversight that had people blaring in incredulity.

“You’ve never been to Greece?” my acquaintances would bawl. “How is that even possible?”

I shrugged; giving them the answer I give everyone around. “The world’s a big place, I’m only one tiny woman globetrotting this world step by step, and it hasn’t happened yet. I’ll get there soon.”

Even so deep inside, I knew I couldn’t hold off much longer. So when I planned a summer of gallivanting around Europe, there was no question that I would be visiting Santorini, the Greek islands next.

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The postcard perfect island of Mykonos

The first evening on a journey is what changes your worldview. All you remember is that, this morning you woke up in your own bed, and now you’re in an absolutely different place. And at that moment emotions just overwhelm you.

Just like going to Greece was always on my cards, but selecting which islands was the biggest challenge. I can’t believe it took me so long to make it here, but I am so excited to have finally landed on the Greek Islands.

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Only if you could meet ‘Some People’ like these everyday!

Travel is something, which is on everyone’s mind now a day. Everyone wants a bit of it, a lot more of it. Wanting to keep exploring and seeing new places. But for some people, travel is not just a want or something to tick of the list. It’s a lot more than that.

I believe ‘Some People are here to see things, live them, feel them, absorb them; not buy them.’

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22 more reasons for partying in 2017!

What is that one thing you look for while planning your next destination? The perfect season, the right weather, list of activities, things to see… The list would go on, and what if you could add another aspect to your list while crafting your next trip? A reason good enough to explore the place like a local, sink in the culture a lot more and enjoy to the fullest? And that’s the very same reason why I have penned down these most breathtaking festivals happening around the world for you all. Some you might know of some might catch you off guard, but trust me they are all worth a visit and experience once in a lifetime. Continue reading “22 more reasons for partying in 2017!”

How 2016 turned me into the perfect Beach Photographer!

Each year brings different kind of travels and more stories of being on the road for me. And the zest of going to places in 2016 was an eye opener in many ways.

To me, it isn’t a vacation if there isn’t a beach, a sun kissed sky, open waters or nail-biting adventures. Little did I know that all this was about to change with just a ‘Click’. Yes the click you hear when your heart skips a beat, or your eyes roll out being awe-struck with nature, or simply the click of your camera lens.

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Things you need to travel.. Really things? No it’s not things.. It’s People!

When was the last time that you packed the most important thing or possession for your trip and it landed up becoming your most significant memory of the trip? Really like how can a pair of awesome shoes, or that handy backpack help you write stories? Its never things, you can never attach memories and stories to things but only to what you have felt. What you feel because of people and with people!


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Cancun: When your need some beach and more!

As I packed my bags for Cancun, I had this perma-grin on my face as I was headed to the beach again! Exploring destinations beach after beach Cancun yet came across as a surprise!

Cancun ‘A paradise destination basked in golden sunshine’,

Cancun Beach
Cancun Beach

Whilst there were many reasons to come to this beautiful destination, mine was pure love for the beach that bought me here! After one look at the crystal clear waters and sinking my toes in the velvetiest, softest sands I have ever felt I had to believe that Cancun had the most vibrant, turquoise waters I have ever seen in my entire life. I knew it was the most right decision I ever made to be here!

Cancun Beach
Soaking up the sun-kissed beach

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