Cancun: When your need some beach and more!

As I packed my bags for Cancun, I had this perma-grin on my face as I was headed to the beach again! Exploring destinations beach after beach Cancun yet came across as a surprise!

Cancun ‘A paradise destination basked in golden sunshine’,

Cancun Beach
Cancun Beach

Whilst there were many reasons to come to this beautiful destination, mine was pure love for the beach that bought me here! After one look at the crystal clear waters and sinking my toes in the velvetiest, softest sands I have ever felt I had to believe that Cancun had the most vibrant, turquoise waters I have ever seen in my entire life. I knew it was the most right decision I ever made to be here!

Cancun Beach
Soaking up the sun-kissed beach

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My first encounter with the Pacific Ocean to find the Hidden Beach!

When we pick up our next destination and head on holiday most of us dream of beautiful vistas, white sandy beaches and blue water. There are a lot of striking places, beaches which have been spoken about written about but only few are hidden and yet to be discovered. And that’s exactly where my wanderlust soul dragged me! Yes all the way to Mexico, all the way to Puerto Vallarta!

And let me take you with me to the hidden waters that I discovered and swam in. A destination that was planned only for one idyllic paradise, ‘The Hidden Beach’! Known to be the world’s most picturesque bombsite with crystal clear waters and sandy beaches, the origins of this unquestionably came as a surprise. Continue reading “My first encounter with the Pacific Ocean to find the Hidden Beach!”