My first encounter with the Pacific Ocean to find the Hidden Beach!

When we pick up our next destination and head on holiday most of us dream of beautiful vistas, white sandy beaches and blue water. There are a lot of striking places, beaches which have been spoken about written about but only few are hidden and yet to be discovered. And that’s exactly where my wanderlust soul dragged me! Yes all the way to Mexico, all the way to Puerto Vallarta!

And let me take you with me to the hidden waters that I discovered and swam in. A destination that was planned only for one idyllic paradise, ‘The Hidden Beach’! Known to be the world’s most picturesque bombsite with crystal clear waters and sandy beaches, the origins of this unquestionably came as a surprise.This secluded strip of sand was used as target practice by the Mexican Government to conduct military tests because they were uninhabited. But instead of finding ruins and devastation, sensational and deserted feel of the beach took me all the way to the Marieta Islands.

Hidden Beach Mexico
First sight of the Hidden Beach!

Getting there is also not that easy. Not a try for faint hearted and amateur swimmers. When I booked my trip to the island little did I know that I had to swim in deep waters right in the middle of the Pacific ocean to reach this site. I had to get prior permits to get there too.

Hidden Beach Mexico
Getting geared up!
Hidden Beach Mexico
Taking my first plunge in the Pacific Ocean!

So a ship of about 60-70 people took me half way there to the Marietas Island and then I had to hop onto a much smaller canoe of 10-15 people to reach the main location. I was around 250m away from the entrance of the site before I had to take the plunge right from that small canoe into the deep waters.

Hidden Beach Mexico
Taking my first dip in the Pacific Ocean
Hidden Beach Mexico
The distance I covered after battling the waves

Being my very first encounter with the ocean it was a total exhilarating experience. Just few seconds being off the boat and fluttering over some distance I turned back to look at the vast empty ocean with the boat gone. I now knew there was no going back but just straight to the beach. That’s what it takes to reach a paradise that was waiting for me.

Making my first swim in the ocean and moving just few miles off the location where the boat dropped me, a huge wave crossed over me and I was back where I started. With the vast incessant ocean below there was no time to get tired but keep swimming. That’s when I knew the swim in the Pacific Ocean wasn’t going to be that easy.

However I maintained my calm and kept going. All the while my eyes where just glued to the opening of the cave.

Hidden Beach Mexico
Almost made it to the tunnel

The further I ventured I was awestruck swimming by the numerous caves and other unique rock formations on the Marietas Islands.

Hidden Beach Mexico
Swimming around with views like this!

I almost made myself to the tunnel and realized to reach the hidden beach shore I had to swim underwater to get across the tunnel. Now what could have been scarier than this? Especially for a girl like me, for whom it was the first time swimming in the deep ocean between strong currents. After swaying around 250m I came close to cross the 40-foot tunnel swim. I thought I had to almost hold my breath but there was like few inches of gap above my head to take a deep breath before I made through the tunnel.

And the moment I set my foot on the shores the island seemed painted with each brush stroke of marvel, the waves cascaded out and in the caverns, each time bringing back with them, a bit more of a shore, and that’s exactly when I realized how this hidden beach would have been formed.

Hidden Beach Mexico
Finally Making it there!

Exhaling the air of the place the only thought I had was how “Out of the wreckage, nature still manages to find beauty in devastation.”

Hidden Beach, Mexico
Thats how I got here through the tunnel
Hidden Beach Mexico
My Hidden Beach moment

It was difficult to leave this place as you can stay on this beautiful paradise for only few minutes. Without a visit here, I believe this marvelous hidden beach would just be another beach waiting to be discovered by the world, by me. I am so glad I got my best swimming buddy with me (My GoPro and yes also my husband 😉

Hidden Beach
Singing the Victory song!

After discovering this UNESCO world heritage site I planned to spend the rest of my 2 days at the Puerto Vallarta City. Without doubt the most popular, fun and emblematic place to visit in town, is the boardwalk.

Broad walk at Puerto Vallarta
Broad walk at Puerto Vallarta

Walking by the seaside promenade, I was fascinated by the quirky statues that came along the Malecon.

Broad walk at Puerto Vallarta
Making my attempt to be quirky
Broad walk at Puerto Vallarta
Malecon at Broad walk!

It was the perfect way to unwind after the hard combat with the waves. Strolling along, enjoying the view of the ocean, admiring the bay, and watching the sun play an orchestra of color everything in tones of orange and red.

Broad walk at Puerto Vallarta
Sunsets like this!

With the sun setting by the side the nightlife started to emerge in full swing. With so many clubs and pubs to chose from the night seemed short to make the most of it.

Broad walk at Puerto Vallarta
Nightlife at Broad walk at Puerto Vallarta
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
View of the ocean from the hotel room

Moreover coming back to my adobe with a view of the ocean was marvelous. After spending such an adventurous time in Puerto Vallarta, catching a glimpse of my last sunset with a view like this was the most perfect way to end my trip here.

 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Perfect way to unwind!

Unraveling by this view I go by the words that no two sunsets are ever the same, and I would want to spend the rest of my life seizing many more sunsets like this.

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GlobeTrotting365Days: Puerto Vallarta April 15th 2016.


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