Everyone needs a little bit of IBIZA in life!

A summer off and all I could think about boho paradise of sandy beaches and party scenes. What better way to live some more sunshine than to head to the raucous party destination of the world? Now imagine this – A small island getaway in the Mediterranean Sea with a population of – 132,367 but approximately 6 Million tourists visiting this place every year. Yes, Ibiza certainly had more alternative personalities than any other average holiday hotspot for me. Continue reading “Everyone needs a little bit of IBIZA in life!”

A city where everything is art: Barcelona the City Of Gaudi

Think about Barcelona and what exactly would pop in your head? Hands down Gaudi grabs the headlines when it comes to attractions in Barcelona for me! And that is what made me make a trip to this colorful and quirky city. The kind of sophistication this city is filed with will immerse you into its near-limitless cultural choices. Continue reading “A city where everything is art: Barcelona the City Of Gaudi”

Hola Madrid: Until we meet again!

Having lived abroad far away from home for a year during my graduation year and falling in love with the European culture all I wanted to do is explore more of it. And what best when you can make a thrifty trip to Spain on a student visa. My naïve wanderlust soul was craving for some further refinement, Spanish this time maybe! Continue reading “Hola Madrid: Until we meet again!”