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Taking up travel blogging as my passion, and stepping the game further I now help relevant travel brands to connect with a wider audience engaged through my network. All GlobeTrotting365Days experiences are self-crafted travels through my vision.

I am always looking at traveling differently and to offbeat places and destinations, to experience and live places like a wanderer. Dedicating my blog and social sites to people who look at traveling the same way as I do.

“Because when on road, each and every experience, every encounter is what makes that journey different.” – Chandani Agarwal

 Read more on how I help bring brands, travellers to their right destination 

  • If you are a brand looking at delivering and engaging your audience to experiential travels, showcasing your product, accommodation or destination through blogging campaigns; I offer live updates about them in my own experience on all my social media platforms for your brand
  • If you have a travel related campaign or contest to promote I can do that through my networked audience
  • If you would like me to endorse your travel brand/campaign which would add value to my travel related experiences I would happily take that on board
  • If you have requirement of freelance travel writing projects I am up for that too
  • If you are in need of attainting any travel related assistance as an individual or company, travel consultancy is where my experience comes in
Do drop a mail at for all your inquires and requirements.

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