Ahoj Praha! Things you definitely would be doing in this city!

Praha, a city that doesn’t require a map or a brochure to sell itself! That’s what I felt when I started looking up for places to tour this golden city. Thanks to the beautiful spectacles and all of the beautiful towers, spires, and churches this city stands true to the name ‘The Golden City’. My trip to this capital city was out of my curio childhood wish of visiting Czechoslovakia, however now known as the Czech Republic. And with the list of things this city had to offer, how could I not make a stop here.

 Some things you would definitely do!

Making my way to Prague Castle on arrival is how I started my trip in this city. Located in Hradcany (the Castle district), Prague Castle is without a doubt the city’s most popular visitor charm and it is easy to see why.

The breath-taking castle has customarily been the seat of Czech rulers and is today the official residence of the president. Entry to the grounds of the castle is free although I booked my tickets with a combined visit to the St Vitus cathedral, Basillica of St.George and Golden Lane.

The so-called stalactite wall In the garden of magnolias, on my way to the castle

At Prague Castle
Thats how the Czech guards at the castle are, friendly enough?
Exploring the dark corners of the castle!

Wanting to know what the smallest street in Prague looked like I reached the Golden Lane, located within the grounds of the castle. Only upon arrival I comprehended the hidden mysterious stories this lane has to offer. More than that the small little colorful house is what captivated me. Trying to climb and make my way to one of the houses, I realized these houses are not merely playhouses but fostered as people’s dwellings. Yes the houses were occupied until the World War II. These tiny houses were built to shelter the 24 marksmen and their families as they lacked space.

Golden Lane
Golden Lane – Colourful Houses Prague
Golden Lane
Making my way into the tiny little colourful house!

When going up the hill to the castle (near Vitus Cathedral) I stopped over to look around and grasp the fabulous view to the whole city!

Enjoying the view of the Golden City of Prague
Prague! Now I know why people fall in love with this golden city.

This was one of the sights that had been on my list to see. An attraction that is visible from all around the city of Prague. The ancient and medieval looking St.Vitus Cathedral was recently completed in 1929.

St.Vitus Cathedral
First glimpse of St.Vitus Cathedral
St.Vitus Cathedral
Stain-glass marvel at the cathedral
St.Vitus Cathedral
Inside of St.Vitus Cathedral
The famous Silver tomb!

Next on my stop for the day was the Charles Bridge. Having read a lot about this place and knowing how crowded it could get during the peak hours I decided to make my stop at Charles Bridge at dawn. A simple walk across this 14th Century Bridge was one of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences of visiting Prague. The uniqueness of the bridge was how it spans across 16 arches and is lined with 30 Baroque statues of religious figures.

Charles Bridge at Dawn
Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge at Night!
Charles Bridge
Love lock at the bridge
Charles Bridge
View of the castle over Charles Bridge

As one of my most favorite places to visit in a city, the Old Town Square of Prague has remained relatively untouched. Arriving at the square I couldn’t stop marveling at the wonderful architecture Prague has to offer. A must try is the ‘Trdelník’, a traditional pastry made from fresh dough covered with sugar and ground walnuts. With rolls baking over freshly it was one of the most delectable dishes of Praha.

Old Town Square
Happy me at the Old Town Square
‘Trdelník’ traditional Prague pastry
Now thats what you call rolling in the deep

And if this wasn’t it, the various street performers, musicians and merchants that line the streets here added on to the entertainment on my day trip excursions in the city. Where do you get to see a double rainbow like this overlooking the city square?

Old Town Square
Sighting a double rainbow at Old Town

Later during the day I made sure timing my visit to the world famous Astronomical Clock to watch the spectacle of the mechanical clock.

 Astronomical clock
Seeing the Astronomical clock strike the hour

Built in the fifteenth century and despite being damaged and repaired during its lifetime, witnessing the clock strike I knew why it is known as the pride of Prague!

Wandering the cobbled streets at night
Charles Bridge
View of Charles Bridge entrance from my hotel

Having so much to see and so much to do, I am sure you would want to book your tickets to this city next!

Cannot Miss:

  • Exploring the tiny marksmen houses in Golden Lane
  • Strolling the Charles Bridge at dawn to avoid the overcrowding
  • Trdelník – during your visit your Old Town Sqaure
GlobeTrotting365Days: Prague August 24th 2012.




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