SHARM- EL- SHEIKH: An unforgettable diving experience in the red coral reefs!

After spending a week exploring the ancient Egyptian history it was time to work off the exhaustion by the shores of Sharm- El-Sheikh, who would have imagined to find this hidden treasure between the desert and the deep blue sea. Known to have some of the best diving locations in the world I was all frenzied at the opportunity to explore the psychedelic marine life of the Red Sea’s coral reef!

After making a diligence research with over 400 different resorts available in Sharm, I lay my jaded self at Aloha Shores Sharm resort, which was extremely luxurious and boasted its own enticement.

DSC00417 (2)
Aloha Shores Sharm-El-Sheikh
DSC00440 (2)
Soaking up the sun in this beautiful land

The moment I lay my eyes on the house reef at the resort I was absolutely spectacled at the bursting vivacity. Having explored this quaint resort what followed more over the dinner was a plethora of tahini and flat bread with some great in-house hummus served under a star-splattered sky. One of the best and most authentic Mediterranean cuisine I have ever had! Now that seemed like a heaven-sent feast by this shore!

The next day was an early beginning towards exploring the crystal clear and warm blue waters of the Red Sea! I was naïve at the endeavor that awaited me next on the Sea, but having spent few hours training I was all clued-up and excited to witness the underwater world by myself.

My first encounter with the Red Sea!
DSC00399 (2)
Those endless training session at the sea!
DSC00401 (2)
Gearing up for my first dive ever!

After few hours I was finally all geared up for my first ever scuba diving experience amidst the sea in great contrast to the stark desert. Within seconds on my first dive I felt my heart sink in with the sea. The feeling was exhilarating but also very scary. It felt you were between two worlds , floating and experience the surrounding near you in a way you have never before. This Red Sea was adobe to thousands of brightly coloured reef fish, coral and many other things, which I witnessed within minutes of my first dive.

Dive into the Red Sea!

During my dive I grasped how the underwater world embraces huge walls and shelves as well as caves and wrecks. One of the best diving sites and a delight for competent divers, the Blue-Hole is a must see here! Exploring few areas of this conspicuous 40-mile belt of coral reef there was a new discovery at every trice. The most spectacular 45 minutes of my plunge.

Encounter with the beautiful coral and reefs

Overall Sharm-El-Sheikh is mainly about soaking under the sun, leaving yourself by the sea and indulging into activities like diving or snorkelling but if you’re itching for a bit of culture way you ascend, to the main centre of the isle at Naama Bay.

Bedouin style restaurants!
Exploring the majestic Naama Bay!
Who wouldn’t want to have a dinner in-between these cave restaurants!

Spending a night exploring this promenade, which was buzzing with cafes, restaurants, shopping, and nightlife I sojourned myself at this clannish Bedouin style café only to marvel on the spectacular night view this city offered.

Sharm-El–Sheikh definitely did a lot to my weary soul!

Cannot Miss:

  • Stay at one of the beach resorts to unwind the desert and sands
  • Water activities at the Red Sea and a must dive in the Blue-Hole
  • Visit the Naama Bay at night to enjoy the nightlife
GlobeTrotting365Days: Sharm-El-Sheikh January 4th 2011.

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