Why a visit to Vienna is a must during one of your stopovers in Europe!

I always wondered if you could see 2-3 countries merely at the price of 1? And that’s when I came to terms about how you plan and combine your trips, just like on my recent trip to East Europe I made it a point to have a stopover to the city of Vienna. ‘Wien’ how its popularly known in Europe came across to me as a city filled with elegance and tradition. A city that is so rich in architecture, yes stunning palaces, museums, theatres and churches at every corner. But for me there were more flamboyant reasons to visit this city. So let me take you through the former reasons first!

On my very first day I was all ready to discover the Viennese charm at The State Opera house. The moment I entered the edifice and caught my very first glimpse, I knew I was in for a treat!

My very first encounter with the city
Vienna Parliament Building
Stumbling upon KarlsKirche Building during an evening walk
Another structure to marvel Kirche Am Steinhof church

On the very same evening being so enthralled with each and every structure, some that I had not put on my list to see, I could see my short scribbled itinerary of Vienna was going to fail. This is a city where you can’t plan or chalk it out on paper; you just walk the streets, come across beautiful structures and are left mesmerised!

On the first evening making my visit to Schönbrunn Palace I caught the night view of this palace and there couldn’t have been a more stunning view. Hurriedly making my way to the Grand tour that covered 40 rooms, I was surprised I was done gazing the palace roughly in an hour.

Schönbrunn Palace
Late evening view of Schönbrunn Palace

Next day morning was an early start visiting the St. Stephen’s Cathedral, which stands tall and proud. Only on seeing this beautiful marvel I can say that this is undoubtedly Vienna’s most important Gothic landmark that definitely deserves at least a peek.

Inside the wonderful Cathedral
Colorful glass work and interiors

Going with the flow the next sojourn was at the former imperial and royal Habsburg residence, known as the Hofburg. It was a delight to see how it housed a mixture of museums, ministries and courtyards from its early medieval beginnings. There was so much to discover here and also know about how the royal family once lived.

Views of Hofburg from distance
Building surrounded with museums, gardens

Also a visit to Vienna is not complete without making a visit to the Imperial Secular Treasury. Know as Kaiserliche Schatzkammer Wien. They house the priceless Reichskrone (crown of the realm) and the incredible Holy Lance (according to the legend its owner never would loose a battle, a victory was guaranteed). These were the main pieces in the treasury that is worth a visit. The power and the glory these exhibits symbolized were unrivalled. Sadly no pictures or photography was allowed there. You have to see it to believe it!

Later on visiting the Kunsthistorisches Museum, which actually seemed to be a magnificent palace, had a vast collection of fine art that the Habsburgs had obtained throughout the centuries. Seeing different and innovative masterpieces put together, it definitely left my curio soul thinking.

Kunsthistorisches Museum
The magnificent interiors of Kunsthistorisches Museum
Kunsthistorisches Museum
The statues at Kunsthistorisches Museum
Kunsthistorisches Museum
Felling the modern art?

And just when my curio soul hadn’t got enough of Vienna it was time to discover the atmost reason that made me stop over to this city. An encounter with the Hundertwasser masterpieces was what I came here looking for. Not many know about this brilliant individual, an architecture of a kind I must say. Most of his architecture does not follow straight lines even when it comes to the floors.

So in love with his architecture!

‘He believed that the uneven floor becomes a symphony, a melody for the feet and brings back natural vibrations to man. As an architect one should elevate not subdue man. Its good to walk on uneven floors and regain our human balance.’

Hundertwasser Building
Hundertwasser Building
Hundertwasser Building
So much colors everywhere

He was of the opinion that ‘Flat floors fit engines not human beings.’ And I have to agree to that! Even when it comes to colors he prefered intensive, radiant colors and loved to place complementary colors next to one another. He took on the responsibility of transforming ugly, monotonous and sterile buildings to fun and vibrant looking.

Hundertwasser Building
At Hundertwasser Cafe

Here’s one of his masterpieces known as KunstHausWien

Another one of his works

Right opposite the Hundertwasserhaus, however, is the Hundertwasser Village, which has its own shopping center here with a “village square”, a bar and numerous stores in the typical Hundertwasser style.

The Hundertwasser Village

Also they have an Opera Toilet built in his style. This definitely struck my attention.

Wondering what it would take to be here
And they charge a entry fee too!

And if it couldn’t get any more interesting, he redesigned his heating plant too. Now whoever said boring cant be fun sure never have seen this!

Thermal Heating Plant
Dedicating my Vienna trip to Hundertwasser!

Vienna unfolded like a storybook, each page bringing something new. The more I discovered, the more I was enchanted and intrigued at the same time! No wonder this city is voted as the world’s most livable city for 7 consecutive years now!

Cannot Miss:

  • The Hundertwasser structures and museums

GlobeTrotting365Days: Vienna 21st August 2012.



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8 thoughts on “Why a visit to Vienna is a must during one of your stopovers in Europe!”

  1. I meant to make it to Vienna when I was near two years ago but I didn’t get a chance. Now, I wish I had! Seeing this photos makes me seriously think about having to prioritize a visit this summer!

  2. Hey Nathan,

    I am glad you plant reconsider it, and trust me it would be worth the trip. If you require more details on your travel do give me a shout out 🙂 And wish you happy travel soon!

  3. Oh this is great, we lived just over the boarder in the Czech for 2 years, and made many trips to Vienna but I never really investigated the Hundertwasser Village. What an amazing and cool place. I love the colors and the style. Awesome, we will have to go back just for the village.

  4. I toured Vienna for 3 days, visited the Kunsthistorisches Museum too. But I missed Hundertwasser masterpieces. What amazing creations and that too with no straight lines. Pity myself for missing such brilliant work.

  5. Yes you should definitely make a trip back to the village Stacey. My travels are generally about discovering new places in the the most touristy cities. You should follow my other blogs too 🙂 I hope you have attested discovered the hidden gems of Prague while in Czech!

  6. So glad you had the opportunity to experience Vienna! One of our favorite cities in Europe, and you’re totally right – a fantastic stopover if you have to combine a layover on route somewhere. Can easily be experienced in a day or two, which is awesome since it’s such a busy international hub 🙂

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