All that glitters is not always gold here but SWAROVSKI : Innsbruck

When you are caught in between the beer fests of Germany and the wine tasting spree of Italy, little would you think about taking a day off and visiting a new country residing right by their neighborhood. And when you do, Innsbruck should definitely be on your cards. A mountain town tucked away in west region of Austria definitely did surprise me.

Waiting for my train to the Crystal City!

One my one-day sojourn to Innsbruck I was happy enough to explore the Maria Theresien Strasse and Old Town.

The city of Innsbruck!

My love for no car zone and purely pedestrian region has increased after coming across this culture in several parts of Europe. It gives me a way to explore the beauty of city tumbling upon its intrinsic details in a fast paced life that we live today.

Beginning of the Maria Theresien Strasse
The colourful Old Town of Innsbruck
Now isn’t that the most beautiful street to walk down

I adored loosing myself in the maze of narrow streets of the old city center .The vibrant colorful bylanes kept me going and marveling at the city life. My saunter started at the Triumph forte – entrance to the historical center (Altstadt) of Innbruck, with mid breaks at the oldest coffeehouse ‘Kaffee Munding’ with mountain views on the background. Strolling around the old town and its lovely alleyways and quaint shops, my hunt for the famous Golden Roof came to a halt.

Making it to the Goldenes Dachl
For people who can decipher the story of the Golden Roof

Goldenes Dachl built in the 15th century is covered with almost 3000 gilded copper tiles. This marks as an emblem for the beautiful historical center of medieval Austria. After looking at the famous Golden Roof, it was time to explore the world’s biggest Swarovski crystal shop.

My Shuttle to the Swarovski world

Yes a visit to Innsbruck is not complete without making it to Swarovski World. It’s called Kristallwelten and it’s in Swarovski’s reign. Built close to the Swarovski factory in Wattens, near Innsbruck, this fascinating museum was designed in 1995 by the multimedia artist Andrè Heller to celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary.Even the entrance makes an impression with this giant meadow sculpture. I made sure I get myself captured there too.

The entrance of Swarovski world
Taking advantage of having no tourists around

But Kristallwelten is much more than just a museum boasting of beautiful outdoor garden, containing 14 hidden rooms with a number of fascinating paintings, sculptures and installations.

Yes they have Swarovski studded walls too!
The Swarovski Maze!

Visiting the different rooms is like making a tribute to crystals in as many ways you can. There are many paintings, sculptures and other forms of art about/with crystals. One of the most amazing or must say magical experiences I had was in the kaleidoscope room. With the lighting changing every few seconds the entire ambience of the room changed. Some objects become visible while others disappear.

Entering the world of Magic
The most colourful kaleidoscope room
Check how the colors change here every second

Moreover gazing at all the crystal driven artifacts was truly a one-time experience. And, finally, after being mesmerized by the crystal world its only natural that your credit card would long to make ita debut at the gift shop too!

GlobeTrotting365Days: Innsbruck 3rd August 2014.  

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Dreaming and living the wanderlust life at my early 20's, I have always thrived on my long bucket list. Yes a list that counts up to more than 75 odd countries, I have been lucky enough to witness the magic of 20 awe-inspiring countries already and it still keeps me yearning for more.

12 thoughts on “All that glitters is not always gold here but SWAROVSKI : Innsbruck”

  1. The below the ground Swarovski Kristallwelten has been on my list for such a long time. Hope we will make it in a couple of years. The photos are beautiful.

  2. Dare I admit when I first read the word’s Swarovski World I thought it would be totally commercial. Your photos are really interesting and impressive, and I would love to see the changing colours live someday, as well as the walkway with the blue archways. Plus, the entire town looks more colourful than I expected.

  3. Hey Rhonda,
    Isn’t that what we travellers are suppose to do? Break out from the conventional things and make the experience extraordinary 🙂 So when are you planning your next trip to Austria?

  4. The intricate design and detail on the old buildings around the town are beautiful. Kristallwelten is not at all what I imagined it would be, I though it would be an elaborate shop but it really is a unique experience.

  5. Innsbruck looks like such a cute town, especially the old town area! I never knew there was a Swarovski World, but it sounds like a great time. Love the Swarovski wall and the kaleidoscope room–how fun! Would definitely love to visit sometime!

  6. When I first read the title of your post, I thought the Swarovski Kristallwelten would just be a super commercial place but I can see that it’s not! It’s beautiful and looks like an art masterpiece. Thanks you for sharing. I’m glad you enjoyed it 😉

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