Milos: A living proof you can never have enough of beach!

After visiting the Heavenly Island of Santorini in Greece, making a choice about the next halt on the Aegean islands was rather arduous. With the Aegean Sea offering as many as 6000 different islands Milos isn’t an island that would spring to anyone’s mind when you think of Greece, unless you’re like me. In a way I was much happy to unearth an isle that was far less crowded than Santorini. Then, I read somewhere that Milos is often likened to what Santorini was twenty years ago; all the beauty, but a segment of the crowds. But something tells me this might change in the next few years.

Known as the island of colors, as well as the island of beaches; the sheer miscellany of the landscape is what attracted me to this magical island. Milos is known for its geological wonderland surrounded by beautifully clear blue sea.  That combination makes for some spectacular beaches… like 70 beaches! Yes you read it right, this little isle entails up to 70 odd beaches and the real beauty of these beaches are that each of them are totally different from each other. In terms of landscapes, structure, formation; name it and the kind of beach you would have ever dreamed of is a reality on this island.

The beaches that awaited me!

Taking a quick ferry ride from Santorini I arrived at the island of Milos at the main port city of Adamas.

Arriving at Adamas port

Staying at Adamas was the perfect home base for exploring the island.  Adamas, which is a hive of activity on any given night, being a weekday all of the captains and their crews were out on the docks preparing up for the next day sailing tours.

Port Adamas at night!

Having met Captain Yiangos, I was sure I wanted to sail with his crew next day. Booking my tickets and all excited, it was time to experience the buzzing nightlife across the port, which homed some authentic Greek restaurants and bars. With the night setting in full grandeur I made sure I tried the authentic Slovaks the Greeks are known for! Yes Gyros (pronounced as yeeros) are all great no matter where from on the island. The Greeks sure know how to season their food to perfection! Placed into a warm pitta with tzatziki and some hot chips, this was my favorite and staple food on the island!

The yummy Gyros!

A slight warning this is going to be a photo-heavy post so let your eyeballs take a back seat for now 🙂

Setting on an adventurous sailing tour next morning I was all ready to embrace the sea and ocean! Sailing across the whole island on this one-day tour I encountered some of the most amazing beaches.

Ready to sail with Captain Yiangos!

On that note, here are just a few Milos beaches that I bring to you from my sailing discoveries.

Starting the cruise from the port of Adamas and sailing through the edges of the island the very first beach that I came across was the CAPE VANI. Standing right at the northernmost tip of the island, this beach is famous for the abandoned manganese mine the ruins of which can be seen there.

The northern most tip of the island
The rock formations at Cape Vani Beach
Sailing to the real side of the island
The manganese mine the ruins on the right

Moving on to one of the popular stops along the western coast, the SIKIA beach is famous for the round hole in the hillside.

Nearing the famous Sikia Beach
The cave entrance at Sikia Beach

There is a cave like entrance to this beach and what is really immaculate about it is that the sea comes into it via a small tunnel from the backside, which you can also swim through.  Even more awesome is the beach inside this cave. Only the small boats can make it through the tunnel, while for me I had a chance to look, stop and stare in all glory!

Sikia Beach Cave

After already being so tempted by the blue waters and landscapes around I couldn’t wait to make my next stop and dive! And in store for me was the Kleftiko beach that looked straight out of wallpaper.

The immaculate Kleftiko Beach

The rock formations were so massive and the water crystal clear. The sea was 15-25 feet deep around most of the coves but it looked like you could reach right down in and touch it the water was so clear. Another thing that intrigued me at this beach was the layer of rocks, which were naturally carved in shapes of caves and tunnels.

Sinking in the beauty of the beach

The moment the boat anchored in the deep waters I couldn’t hold by and made my first dive.

And off I go…
A happy me after making the first dive off the boat
Crystal clear water at Kleftiko

Having sailed in the water and making a quick swim trip to the cave exploring the tunnels on returning the Captain acknowledged me about the fact that this beach was used as a pirate’s den for several hundred years.

Swimming to this amazing pirate cave
Exploring the pirate caves

This was yet another place where my imagination just went wacky… it was fantastic being able to explore some actual pirate coves and caves!  Exploring the caves I came to a clearing with a view of a tiny tunnel about 100 yards away.

On reaching the other side of the beach

Stashing my GoPRo and swimming swiftly to reach the other side, trust me exploring the beach this way was my favorite part of the trip as I grasped some of the most beautiful surroundings I have ever been in!

Breathtaking view of the beach with GoPro

Having sailed for another hour the next in store was the clandestine Tsigrado Beach. This one takes the cake as the most idyllic beach I’ve ever set foot on.

Not so easy to reach Tsigrado Beach

Better yet, it’s so hidden away that it gave a feeling of owning a private beach for a couple of short hours.  I made an easy way to the beach by boat, however be warned though, it’s a bit tricky to get there by land and the trek down requires the use of ropes and a ladder.

Clear water of Tsigrado Beach
Exploring the Aegean Sea

There is a steep descent down that narrow gully, which ends at the ladder.  But don’t let that stop you, all the effort to get to the beach just means more beach and beautiful cove. More of pristine waters, beautiful and relaxing… everything a good beach should be.

Arriving on the East cost of the Island our coat brushed past through some spectacular beaches like AYIA KYRIAKI , which had some clear waters too. Then there was also PALIOCHORI BEACH, which appeared like a party beach surrounded by colorful volcanic rocks.

Sailing by sea done right

Almost half way to the tour and on the way back the captain made a stop to some of the most unusual beaches to witness.

PAPAFRAGAS, which was a deep-sea cave, had green-blue waters between white-grey rocks leading to the open sea.

Glimpse of PAPAFRAGAS Beach
White- Grey formations with clear blue waters

The cavern was small in size, surrounded by the gigantic, light-colored rocks, another rare beach accessible by boat only.

Passing by PAPAFRAGAS Beach

However one of the biggest attractions on the Milos Island was the Glaronissia islet, a very rare & special volcanic phenomenon. They were made under great volcanic pressure and they consist of all hexagone (six-sided) tubes.

Glaronissia islet rock
Upclose by the cave

They appear like an mélange of cubes right in middle of the sea. Taking an up-close look and feel of this volcanic rock right at the tip of the Glaronissia cave I kept rummaging about the natural beauty this island holds.

The Volcanic Glaronissia rock Beach
Now isn’t this the most unique kind of volcanic formation?

Ending the boat tour sailing through Klima which is not really a beach but rather a traditional fishing village with colourful ‘Srymata’ fishermans houses carved into rock was a pleasant sight of reaching back to the shores.

Klima village by the shore
Sailing back home in full glory

All in all it was a sailing tour, which is edged into my memories.

Having brushed past by the Sarakiniko beach on the sailing tour I had to make sure that I return to this the next day to explore it meticulously.

Sarakiniko the lunar Beach

The resounding favorite of the Greeks turned out to be my favorite too! The moment I set foot on Sarakiniko beach it gave me an outer world feeling. The surrounding outlays were composed of white volcanic rocks giving the whole area a ‘lunar’ feel where the water was virtually wave less.

Exploring the Moonlike beach
Marveling the beauty of this unique beach

Sarakiniko is apparently the most photographed beach in the Aegean and I was just able to sink in why! A beach that can only be described as a moonscape – the smooth bone-white volcanic rocks are a result of northern winds and swell.

Getting captured at the most photographed beach in Greece
Ready to take the plunge
Check out the depth of the sea off the rock cliff!

I couldn’t resist jumping off the rocks! The whole beach appears to have been carved by the elements to make bizarre shapes and waves.  It is like something out of the middle of a desert, but there it is, right next to the deep blue Aegean.

Swimming in the deep waters of the Sarakiniko beach

No, I didn’t have to edit out any people from this picture… I actually had this stretch of the beach to myself. It was miraculous.

The famous rock formations at the beach
The cliff cave of Sarakiniko beach
Couldn’t get enough of this beach

Later in the evening having my heart satiated by the beaches of Milos I was all set to explore the little town of Plaka. Plaka is very pleasant… more bright colors all over the place, contrasting brilliantly with all the whitewashed walls. Some of the color was natural too.

The colourful town of Plaka
Just wondering how this street got its color game so bang on!
I could loose myself here all day

In terms of Milos, I couldn’t less agree with the Athenians…

… Milos is like a secret they hope to keep hidden from the lure of tourism for as long as possible. It’s hard to even envisage that places like Milos realistically exist outside the realm of Instagram.   It’s beaches were absolutely breathtaking in a “pinch me this can’t be real” sort of way.  If you’re into hidden coves, waveless oceans, volcanic rock outlays, never ending cave systems and Greek fishing villages, Milos is your place.

Lucky to witness the hidden beaches and beauty of Milos

Having spent 3 wonderful days on the isle of Milo all I can say is ‘Do as the Greeks do’! Because when you’re on a Greek island time is irrelevant. So many places to see and feel that you definitely have the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) feeling. But don’t sweat the small stuff. You’ll be in paradise!

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